Sun sea sand and… text…yes books

Oh if only it rhymed with text. But this is a solo myself and a cocktail or 10. When on holiday..why not? On holiday I can be anyone and on my holisay Im going to be me. Single on a discovery trip. No men no girl companions ( at a later date..of course) and no walk of shame..well lets face it with a frizzy afro like mine I rock the messy dishevelled look daily..So now to decide WHERE. Greece appeals. Been there and its great in May..I like the idea of Mkyonos..but I think I might be wrong but ‘shirley Valentine’ (as in the movie) took her solo break there so let’s not allow tourists and locals to get their violins or mandolins out.
Another Island???? Lets see whats available. .this week yes Im that keen..let you know…


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