Monthly Archives: May 2014

Id get lonely nights..I wish one day to find The One

Tonight Im really feeling it. Lonely. Id like That One. ‘The romance cliche’.
I love to be single because Im knowing me and what I want now. I know what I deserve.
Tonight Im in tidy mode. Cleaning is like a hobby now. Allows me to think and get it together. Im here now thinking it would be nice…you know to have someone to hold. To love me because I have so much love to give the right guy. But where is HE? In this huge world. Probably fucking Mars. Oh please God after all this shit Please bestow the perfect guy. The perfect romance. Id give everything fact my past gave up Because I truly believe (as my friends & family say. The best is yet to come.. on that note..I can continue to eat crisps in chocolate for breakfast and tie my hair up with a thong. Oh single life youre weird and fun…but Id give this up for the one. My One. Hurry the fuck up..hurrryyyyy…im to bed.


booked my solo holiday..2 weeks..Too long???

Ive finally booked my holiday. A solo and I. Too Eygpt…Sharm El Sheik. I settled on a 5 star I want the perfect break away if Im alone for two weeks. It all inclusive and I actually fearful now. 2 weeks ALONE. Wow theres going to be some thinking. Soul searching.  I wanted that.  Now I’ve forced that. Im scared. Truthfully scared.  What have I done..All because my breakup I felt after a 17 year relationship a year of singledom and not living it as I should be I felt time alone would shake things up. Why am I regretting it??? Why when I wanted this break and believed I needed it??