Bio: Single, happy and over 30, in search of true love. Living in London and starting to date after being cheated on following a 17 year relationship that ended Valentines day feb 2013 after he...the dreadful ex left abroad.. without warning on holiday with my friend (who relocated as I got her a job opportunity and let her stay with me) whilst I was rennovating our new house. They both got togerher and left (she even took my new designer suitcase for it) to holiday in Mexico whilst I got thrown of my new house (waiting 17 years for) I never signed my name on it so got no claim. Whilst they were away I had no idea where my boyf was just away with stress (self inflicted obv) When they returned. No explanation from them and no apology. It was terribly painful my best friend became my worst enemy but thats his problem. Not mine. I'm happy. Ive smiled ever since. I realise its not my problem its theirs. both people manipulated me and played mind games. They deserve eachother and I deserve someone better..someone worthy of me. Im starting life over and feeling 16 again..only Im 34 and the biological clock is ticking fast..but where is he? How do I date? How do I flirt? Im going to be serial dating to find one true love..but its not easy being a girl over 30..every man I date assumes you want kids with them..As if!! You wish!! every man I meet I can barely tolerate..Its tough dating but it has to be done. I cant wait for fate I must intervene and find him. The One. I live in hope..I want to find true love..I would like kids. A kid. My biological clock is ticking fast..In fact Id be happy to find rue love without kids and take on his. I still believe in love..just hurry up and find me..HURRY

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