single Life Is tough too..its just YOU

With single life..its you. You are alone to battle the daily woes..bills..problems..work life. .no one at home to talk to about..its just you…when you wake up..its just you..
There may be bonuses..like no one to answer too..do things when you want..where want you want..etc..but maybe thats easier for a different type of person. Perhaps a selfish one..thats not me..
single life is not for me..its not how I would choose to be living. But I don’t want to settle for anyone..I wont I deserve a nice guy..someone to give all my love too..and trust..Im not sure I will ever trust anyone. ANYONE. Im just going to start my to do list..and try do things for me..achieve things meanwhile let true love find its way through fate. I deserve that..wouldnt we all that. A tree love.. fingers (and toes) crossed…

my first date..aftermath

I went on it. Thats a feat in itself. I made enough excuses to cancel dates all year so the fact I went on a date last night is a start. Nice bar and nice cocktails and a not so nice date. I met him in a bar first when he asked me out. I was with a friend and although it wad blatantly obvoius he was into himself he was funny. Yes too laugh at not with but that is better than silent dates where you talk and you get one word responses from your date..AND worse still they think ots going somewhere to warrant date deux..errr NOooooooo.. Well last nights date with slick city lawyer Brad was practically on a date with himself.  Surely he would know himself by aged 35. But it seems lije a mid-life crisis looms..I split with my ex when he was 35 and pimping up a range rover sport and taking flying lessons and thinking he was Tom Cruise..I will not go there again.. So you would think Brad knew himself by now and wanted to go on a dare with me. BUT NO. It was all ME ME ME..work, Chicks (I mean who uses that word..Danny Zucko in Grease..er 1980s) Vegas, clubs, he spent Easter weekend in bars and clubs..who does that!!! At 35. Surely 1 hour with family…but no he looked at me like I was mad. He spent time trawling bars with girls wanting him..oh I’ve had my fair share. Basically a male slag which is hardly the criteria for 34 year old me. Yes I’ve to kiss frogs I know but a male slag whereby I know that he has been around…its a kiss I want to avoid for obvious reasons..It was at least 2 hours talking to himself and in that time he contradicted himself so many times that I realise I cant even befriend such a liar. He has a lot to hide I think and quite frankly I don’t want to discover anymore. Brad is definitely the Pitts. Oh date 2 cant be this bad..