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feeling lost..a mess…I need to find myself

Im all over the place. I just feel lost.  Like I need to rediscover me. Who I am? What I want. I always fill my tune helping others and I cant even help myself. I dint know how. I don’t know what I want. I just opened the cupboard and everything fell the cereals a couple of plates and my kitchen a messed. I cant tidy it. I cant do it. Its not me not to but there s no point. Who for?? Nooones coming to visit. I live alone. And I don’t care right now. In fact I want to help make it messier and smash a plate or 10. But I won’t!!! The fact I want to worries me.  I need a holiday. Its overdue. A break. A rest. Relax.  RELAX. I don’t do that. Not since the break up. I will. I will go to a remote place. A beach. A hideaway. Therefore I have to relax because I will be alone with nowhere but a remote destination.  In doing it. Im going. Finding me again….